The Don’ts

DON’T use tap water or distilled water on your lenses.
DON’T wear your lenses longer than the prescribed wear time.
DON’T let anyone try on your lenses.
DON’T use creams or perfume soaps or mascara with lash building fibers.
DON’T wear your lenses if your eye is red or painful.
DON’T swim in your lenses unless directed otherwise by your doctor.
DON’T put your lenses in your mouth or use saliva to wet your lenses.
DON’T store your lenses in, near or on any source of heat.
DON’T use the same solution twice. Use fresh solution every day.
DON’T use water on your case; leave it out to air dry when not in use.
DON’T sleep in your lenses unless your doctor has given you permission. If you fall asleep in your lenses, apply several re-wetting drops before you attempt to remove them. DON’T force your lenses out.
DON’T apply eyeliner to the inner margin of the eyelid.
DON’T share cosmetics.