The Do’s

DO follow all the instructions.
DO set a regular day for replacing your contact lenses:
Replace on the 1st for monthly replacements and 1st and 15th for two week products. For weekly products, Sunday nights will allow you to have fresh eyes for the week.
DO put a reminder to change your lenses on your calendar or smartphone.
DO wash your hands with an oil-free soap before handling your lenses.
DO use only the solutions your doctor has prescribed.
DO change out your storage cases every 3 months or more if needed.
DO follow your prescribed wearing schedule.
DO keep your eyes closed when using any aerosol hair products or deodorants.
DO keep your lenses clean at all times.
DO disinfect your lenses as instructed, making sure you rub them when cleaning.
DO remove your lenses as soon as you are aware of any infection, redness or irritation. Call your doctor immediately.
DO insert lenses before applying any make up.
DO use water-resistant mascara to prevent flaking and smudging.
DO keep all follow up appointments.
DO minimize irritation by avoiding cigarette and cigar smoke.
DO keep your sink drain closed to avoid losing your lenses down the drain.
DO establish a routine of always inserting/removing the same lens (right or left) first.